Wednesday, August 10, 2005

First Boise Report

Hi loved family and friends!
We are in Idaho, have been for 2 1/2 weeks now. We loved it when we got here, then we realized none of you were coming with us. It came as a blow but we still like it an awful lot. Quite a lot has happened so I'll try and answer questions you may have in an orderly fashion:

Question: Do you like your house/place/apt?

Answer: YES! It is lovely and we feel like we, along with all our belongings, were always meant to live in such a place. Though it's small everything just fits perfectly. Our neighbor is an architect and informed us that this is the first building in Boise built specifically as an apt building. It was built at the same time (and by her firm) as the beautiful Capitol building. Maybe around 1900? Also, the location is AWESOME. (Don't make fun, I said awesome when I lived in LA...this is not some Idaho thing. It just looks dorkier in print.) We are about 4 blocks from downtown, replete with great little restaurants and shops. We happen to be one block from the only co-op in Idaho. Which brings me to your next question...

Question: What do you eat without Trader Joe's?

Well, let me explain the Co-op. Trader Joe's+Bristol Farms+Whole Foods=Boise Co-op. They have everything we oogled but couldn't afford in CA and more! They have great fresh bread, cheese that is on par with the Silver Lake Cheese store (almost) and those bins with every grain, cereal, nut, etc you could ever hope to find. We want for nothing.

Question: Do you (Amanda) like your job?

Answer: I don't know yet. I think I will, this is my dream job. I have an office (no more lugging stuff to 3 different campus's), I will teach studio classes, I will run the gallery, and I'll be able to have ongoing relationships with my students! Everyone I have met at NNU is so welcoming and kind it's almost hard to believe. We've had lunch with one of the newer English props and her husband...It was so fun. However, school still doesn't start for 2 weeks, so I think I will love it, more reports later.

Question: Did you (Andrew) find a job?

Answer: Not yet. As planned, Andrew is taking a hiatus from work for a month or's been so great for us to have the leisure to make this transition together and get to hang out so much.

Question: Did your stuff come yet?

Answer: Finally yes! 2 weeks and 2 days after they picked it up the movers actually dropped in off in Boise...and nothing was broken!

So, Here is a short list of the fun things we've been doing.

1. Visiting ALL the museums and galleries in Boise in under 4 hours! You could never do that in LA or NY...can you tell I am making the best of the present resources? The great thing is the gallerists here actually talk to you when you walk into their space which is nice. I've already been able to strike up some conversation about collaboration with the gallery and NNU for lectures and such.

2. Happened into the park for a festival (?) and upon getting food at the outdoor pavilion realizing we were at the "Goddess Fest". We left quite quickly, you can imagine the scene. There was dancing and a drum circle as well as some characters who looked like they had wandered off the path from the ren fair.

3. Floated the Boise River. In inner tubes. It takes almost 2 hours and is so relaxing! For those of you wondering if we would "get all outdoorsy" this is the answer, NO. Floating the river necessitates a person sitting in an inner tube and waiting while the river pulls you of it's own volition. You just sit and get tan. Doesn't sound very sporty doesn't it?

4. Traveling to Sun Valley/ Ketchum for a day trip.
We went to see the art everyone talks about and they did have pretty good galleries. However, it is a resort town with serious money walking around and being spent everywhere you go. We didn't feel that comfortable so we took off pretty quickly and decided to use our day driving back through the Sawtooth National Forest. My goodness. Everything here is so beautiful.
We drove for 5 hours and appeared suddenly in Boise again. Along the way we stopped at lakes, roadside stops with teepees and great tree carvings...We found some good spots to camp and swim. Come visit.

Alright...I'm verbose. I miss you all. That is the only and glaring problem about being here. I'm sure we will adjust, after all it hasn't even been 3 weeks. So, adieu, farewell, bye-bye, for now.
Much love,


Blogger Lisa said...

I'm so surprised you went to Sun Valley. Matt and I were only about 15 minutes from there when we were in Idaho a a couple weeks ago. If you ever go back, you'll have to stop by my grandmother's junk shop. Sounds like you're having fun!

6:33 PM  
Blogger emily said...

sounds great! everything looks so lovely! i'm happy you have good cheese. we miss you, too.

11:36 AM  

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