Thursday, January 05, 2006

Home, Or, January, the Monday of Months

We had a nice holiday in "La California," as the locals call it. We saw many, many people, most of whom were happy to see us, and ate quite a lot of food. Family + Food + General Sense of Apathy Towards Exercise During the Holiday Season = New Year's Resolutions. Ours are to eat less and keep in better contact with our friends. This is good news for everbody.

In other news, school starts next week, the cats are getting spayed (thank God), we got haircuts, and I have started using shower gel. Amanda is getting over being sick, I am entering into being sick, and yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. The 2006 Dodgers are shaping up to be better than the 2005 Disappointments, er, Dodgers, and it looks like we're in for a busy spring. Many, many visitors.

And now, I'd like to introduce you to my brothers and sisters. I am the one attempting to hit the little one with the baseball.

Happy pre-Spring!


Blogger Erika said...

We had such a great time hanging out with you guys. Too bad you had to move to Idaho for it to finally work out for us to get together! Glad to hear you had a nice trip.

Happy late birthday, Amanda!

5:42 PM  
Blogger j said...

Seo is neato! fun seeing you both as well.

8:11 PM  
Blogger myste said...

happy anniversary! you both look lovely in the photo

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Ms. Jen said...

A & A,

Congrats on your 2 year Anniversary. In Nov., I pulled out a coat to wear and found a packet of A&A 1/4/04 jordan almonds in the pocket. Your wedding came to Dublin...

smiles, jen ;o)

7:01 AM  
Blogger Dennis Family said...

Wow! The picture of you two gave us nice, happy feelings! Blessings on your life together!

Joy and Chris

11:39 PM  

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