Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy Summer

Hello all. Yes, we've been having a very busy summer. Esly is not yet 4 months old and we've driven to Seattle , flown to LA, and leave for NY in 2 weeks. So, this explanation is how I'll assuage my guilt about not posting for a while. (Hi Mom.) We've had many visitors...actually it's Esly who has had the visitors. We were never so popular before this baby! Here are some pictures.
This is our lovely friend Gypsy holding Esly in front of their place on July 4th. We set off some small fireworks and had fabulous burgers.

A week later my Dad came to town. My brother was here at the same time and somehow we didn't get a single picture. He'll have to come back...or we'll make a trip to Sacramento- soon!

Just as my dad arrived so did my first sling for Esly...we spent the week getting used to the pouch type sling. She loves her Baby Bjorn with Andrew but the Baby Bjorn kills my back...the sling works pretty well.

We all went up to Cascade and McCall fishing for the day. Great times.


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(Hi Mand!) Yeah!! Nice pics.

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