Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seattle Trip: 11 hours in the car and everyone is OKAY!!!

We just returned from a quick trip to Seattle...we had a work related excuse to drive to this lovely city and made the most of it. We stopped at Multnomah Falls, a beautiful place. The crowded tourist atmosphere just added to my enjoyment because all the other tourists were so thoroughly enjoying themselves.
We stayed a night in Olympia with our friends Heather, David and their family. It is a wonderful thing to catch up with old friends. I really can't explain the comfort of seeing a familiar face. It's refreshing to see how we all keep changing. Through moves, marriages, children, new jobs, losses, all the things that life brings's amazing to be constantly surprised by what God is doing in our lives! We went on to Seattle and spent some time with the Mazzarello's. Esly became enamoured with Steph one afternoon and had quite a little conversation going. She ran through her repertoire of sounds a few times with heartfelt vocal intonation.Esly is now 2 months old and we've discovered that she is an excellent traveler. (Thank goodness.) She seems to like change and loved walking around the city. We are so glad she finally decided to like the Baby Bjorn. Andrew does great with it though it hurts my back. I'm going to a babywearing class this friday and hoping to find something that will work for both Esly and I.

So it seems many of us are reluctant to blog about our "real" lives. Quite a few friends have called, emailed, etc. that they are also uncomfortable or unsure about sharing their significant musings in an open forum. I'm going to get more information about password protected blogs...

Oh, and on the way home we passed through some of the places they filmed Twin Peaks. Oooohhh....creepy.


Blogger madamx said...

You win the cover shot for the latest issue of People magazine-- Amandrew and their new baby!
Love the article as well.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Melissavina said...

I love your blog, Amanda. I just wanted you to know that I check in on y'all from time to time. You look fantastic and little Esly is beautiful.

I guess Drew looks good too these days, but for some reason people don't really tell men how they're looking.

2:48 PM  

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