Saturday, January 21, 2006

IDAHO, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You want it?

I got it.

Here it is.

Exhibit A: Work/School News
This semseter is way better than last semester. Amanda's classes are going well. She gets to teach Modern Art this semester, which she seems to like quite a bit better than Ancient Art, and she is having a good time with her students. Andrew's (hereafter referred to as "my") classes are going very well, thank you. I find it much more enjoyable to be in upper division classes. I will do my student teaching next semester and then I will be done. All in all, good times.

Exhibit B: Personal News
As usual, good. Nothing much to report on that front. As the salty dogs of yesteryear used to say, "Red skies at morning, sailor take warning. Red skies at evening, in the clear."

That means things are good.

Exhibit C: Cat News:
They grow, they get spayed, they are calm for two days, then we figure out they were calm because they were on drugs, they get back to normal, scratching, biting, charming. I realized the other day that I address the cats as if they were humans, that is to say, as if they speak English. This frightened me, though I can't seem to stop myself.

Exhibit D: Misc.:
Amanda painted her office green. It's cozy.

And now, potatoes:

Everybody likes a good potato joke from time to time.


Blogger said...

i like a good potato joke ALL the time.
potato potato.

oh, and by the way. . . not all humans speak english, some of them speak engrish, and i'd bet you that your cats speak it better than some of my students (God bres der rittur ha-tos)

2:23 AM  

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