Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our River, and Other Niceties

This is what our river used to look like. I won't show you what it looks like now, because it's too depressing. It's nearly dry. All the water is frozen. Come spring, the ice will melt and the river will rise. The river will bring with it warm air, bugs, and smiling faces.

Amanda is in New York City with Peter, Alison, and Mac Owen. We wish her well. We wish her safe return.

Good evening.


Anonymous a friend of db said...

i want you to know that i was sitting across from dan on friday night, as he was posting on his blog, at the time, i didnt know.

his question to me was "how do you spell xylophone?" and of course, i informed him.

i asked him how he had spelled it, and he told me "exactly how it sounds....with a z"

so, i think that sometimes he does try. and succeed. he looked it up online.......maybe you are inspiring him.

10:48 AM  
Blogger ahdrew said...

see, that's good to know. i had a feeling he was mispelling words on purpose, just to bait me. what a guy...

1:20 PM  

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